Our Learning Environment

The Learners Montessori Nurseries combine the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework with core Montessori principles to give your child the best possible foundation for development.

The Montessori approach focuses heavily on child-centered learning based on the belief that children have a natural desire to learn and when given the freedom to follow their own interests, they achieve much more than expected. At the Learners Montessori Nurseries, we have built an environment where each child feels safe and free to explore their interests. For under 2s, we have created themed areas such as the home corner, book corner, music, messy play, playing blocks where the children are encouraged to look, touch and feel various different activities. Non-mobile children have their own designated space where they will not be disturbed by the older children.

Older children are encouraged to play with the specially designed Montessori equipment which give them the opportunity to learn through their play. Each apparatus was developed by Maria Montessori with a specific aim to aid some part of their development.

The Montessori philosophy is very specific about the role of the teacher in this learning environment. First and foremost, respect for each child is paramount and is in some ways the cornerstone of the philosophy. Teachers must show respect for the children as they help them do things for themselves. It is important to allow the child to work at their own pace and to allow them to explore and express their own interests. The teacher must guide the child without letting them feel their presence too much. All our teachers, whether Montessori qualified or not, are trained to follow these principles to ensure the best learning environment for each child.

Our Logo

Our approach is best described through our logo, which was especially designed to represent our teaching philosophy and beliefs:

The Trunk

The trunk of the tree represents the character traits that form the foundations for learning and development: Curiosity, Concentration and Confidence We believe there are three key characteristics which provide the foundations for each child to be able to learn and develop to their true potential. Each of these characteristics are innate in every child but must be encouraged and enhanced by the adults around them. Curiosity represents the child’s natural desire to learn which is encouraged through meticulous observations of their behaviours and interests and guiding them to pursue these further. Concentration is encouraged by allowing the child to work and play on their chosen activities uninterrupted. Confidence and independence are the cornerstones of the Montessori philosophy which is promoted by allowing children the freedom to make choices and to take pleasure in their own accomplishments.

The Branches

The branches of the tree represent our 8 core areas of development: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics, Art & Design, Music, Physical, Understanding the World Our curriculum is divided into eight key areas of development which incorporate both the Montessori and EYFS syllabuses. For each area of development, activities have been carefully designed to enhance the child’s abilities and interests. As Montessori learning is very much achieved through the child's "play", we aim to ensure that every part of the child’s day is used to further advance their development. More information on each of our eight key areas of development can be found here

The Shield

The shield represents the The Learning Environment divided into 4 core areas: Classroom, Directors, Parents, Supporting Professionals The most important influences in the child's learning and development are the environment in which they live. At the Learners Montessori Nurseries, the classroom and play areas are carefully designed and set up to encourage children to explore and learn through the activities available to them. In keeping with the core Montessori philosophy, our staff are not there to teach, but to guide children to achieve their own potential and ensure each child’s individuality is respected. A strong partnership with our parents is essential to ensure that these teaching principles are continued in the home and the child is comfortable in the security of a consistent approach throughout their learning journey. Finally, we work closely with other professional bodies relating to early years teaching and development to ensure our children are given the best opportunities across the board.

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